Joule L’Adara offers private and personalized one-on-one sessions which you can experience in-person in New York City, in other locations when she is touring, and online any time world-wide!

As you’ll discover below, there are a variety of different ways to work directly with Joule, including sound healing bodywork, facial rejuvenation sessions, and holistic voice lessons with a focus on singing, speech, or sounding . If you are unsure about which method of learning is right for you, please email to receive more information about applying for a SOUND BREAKTHROUGH session!

Sound Bodywork

Experience Easeful and Powerful Transformation with Sound Healing!

Our body is made up of 80% water- and as sound travels much faster in water than in air, applying sound directly to the body powerfully affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Joule L’Adara combines Reiki hands-on healing with a variety of powerful sound healing instruments and procedures with which she can administer a personalized session just for you. Lying on a massage table, you will receive sounds that are designed to dislodge holding patterns and move stagnant energy through your body, sending you into deep relaxation and invigorating you with renewed energy.

Joule offers the following modalities: Acutonics®, Biosonics™, Feeltone™, Harmonic Healing, Vocal Sound Healing, Sound Reiki (usually offered in combination during a single session:)


Acutonics ® is a healing modality utilizing tuning forks, developed by the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing. The forks are tuned to the rotations of the celestial bodies: the earth, sun, moon and planets, an in this way give us access to the archetypal qualities of the “music of the spheres”. In this system, tuning fork pairs are applied to acupuncture points, opening up meridians and restoring the balance of energy flow in the body. Having an Acutonics session is like receiving acupuncture but without the needles, in which you feel a slight tingling sensation as the vibration moves through the body. These sessions can be used to assist a variety of different issues including pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, and emotional problems.


Harmonic Healing is a modality using Elfen Energy Chimes – gorgeous hand chimes on wood blocks that are made lovingly by Elvina Munir in Australia. They are placed up the front of the body and resonated with small mallets, turning the body into a vibrant musical instrument and bathing the human energy field in tone. The sounds emanating out of the chimes are ethereal, beautiful, and hypnotic, sending the receiver into trance-like states of deep relaxation where nourishing rejuvenation can occur.


Feeltone™ Instruments are developed in Germany to be used therapeutically. Joule utilizes a stringed instrument called a Monolina: a monochord plus a koto. The Strings are played in rapid succession, creating stacked harmonics that flow through the curved lightweight surface that is placed directly upon the body. Imagine the sweet peace that can be felt when these gentle vibrations flow from the resonator through you, bringing deep relaxation to nervous system. Joule often accompanies the Monolina with soft singing, and cliente have reported they felt like they were being sung a lullaby by Angels.

Joule currently offers one-on-one Sound Healing sessions in New York City as well as in other locations when she is on tour. For an appointment and rate information please email.

Facial Rejuvenation

IMG_8807Joule is trained in all four levels of the Facial SoundscapesTM harmonic renewal protocol, which is specifically designed for each client’s constitution based on the Chinese 5 element theory. This unique modality, based upon the principles of Chinese medicine, addresses certain areas of the face, which are difficult to treat with acupuncture needles, like the neck, chin and jowls. Tuning forks can “lift” the pterygoids, masseter and platysma muscles by means of select vibrating intervals. These vibrating forks are applied gently to the face, and are relaxing and pleasantly tingly.

Two tuning forks are placed on specific points on the face to lift and tone areas such as the chin, neck, jowls and eyelids. Different intervals achieve different results: lifting, toning, or dispersing. Acutonics® facials are known to increase circulation, decrease wrinkles, and stimulate collagen and cells giving an overall glow and improved skin tone.

The Facial SoundscapesTM procedure is a whole body healing experience as forks are also placed on the body to stimulate meridians that correspond to the client’s constitution. There are many points on the face that correspond to internal organs and these are treated according to conditions such as puffiness or dark circles around the eyes that would indicate issues of the kidneys or liver respectively. The facial can also relax the jaw when TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) is an issue.


The Acutonics® tuning forks which are used in these treatments are fashioned from high-quality, space-grade metals. This system of sound healing is a distillation of the theories of Pythagoras, Johannes Kepler, and Swiss scientist Hans Cousto, given this particular form and further refined by Donna Carey, Ph. D., L. Ac. of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC.

Results can be seen after just three treatments; the results are cumulative and require 10-12 treatments for major improvement. Treatment packages are recommended and can be purchased for a savings. Please email to set up an introductory session!

To read about Facial SoundscapesTM and Changing the Face of Aging, go to www.chiakra.com.

Holistic Voice Lessons

_MG_0843aAre you longing to express yourself more fully using your voice? Would you like to feel more confident sharing your voice through your work or personal life? Would you like to be able to sing with ease, grace and power while fully in your body and connected to your heart? Would you like to learn how to use your voice as a tool for self-healing, develop a daily toning practice, or use your voice to serve others as a holistic practitioner? Have you been told you cannot or should not sing? Or are you a trained singer who has endured cruelty through verbally abusive voice teachers? Would you like to learn “extended vocal techniques”, to really unleash your unique, crazy, creative voice and share it with the world?

Read what Joule has to say about her Holistic Voice Lesson Practice:

“The voice is a gateway to the soul. It is one of the most vulnerable acts to share our voice and also one of the most courageous. I know that is through working with the voice that we are most able to integrate our body/mind/spirit. It is this holistic approach that I bring to voice lessons- knowing that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and internal vibration are all essential elements for helping you to develop a healthy vocal technique along with technical ability, while at the same time discover how your voice can be an instrument of self-empowerment, joy, and a source of healing. My vocal technique is classically based, but can be applied to different musical forms including musical theater, pop, rock and folkloric music. I also work with sound healers to develop their vocal sounding and toning skills, and as a performance coach for performers to help you to deeply connect to your self-expression so that you are able to move others and bring more grace into this world. While committing to a vocal practice can be an arduous one, it is a path that is rich with rewards. I endeavor to provide an atmosphere that is fun, joyous an uplifting, while at the same time honoring all of the emotional processes that vocalizing opens the heart to. Through finding your voice, may you reveal the real you!”

Joule currently offers one-on-one Holistic Voice Lessons in person in New York City and world-wide over Skype. For information on current rates and scheduling inital appointments please email.