Since January 2014, Sounding Circles Online has offered training courses to people all over the world. Joule L’Adara teaches her signature small group coaching course “Sounding for Wellness” which leads into her 12-month Sounding Circles Facilitator Training Online Certificate. More than online classes, Sounding Circles Online is a community where connections are made between people living in remote places meeting across space and time to cultivate their personal vocal sound healing practices. Through this work, we are creating and sending cohesive waves across the planet, and in so doing helping to harmonize a world that is in constant turmoil.

Sounding Circles also hosts guest teachers and has offered collaborative classes with Sound Pioneer Vickie Dodd and Joshua Goldman, son of Jonathan Goldman co-author of “Sound Healing for Beginners.” Check back her for information on new courses starting in 2018.

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Sounding for Wellness

Signature Course: Sounding for Wellness

A 3-Month Interactive Video Online Vocal Coaching Course

“Sounding for Welness!” is Joule L’Adara’s signature small group coaching program designed to help you establish and cultivate your own daily sounding practice for personal wellness. It is a deep dive into the world of your own vocal sounds, with the intention of raising your frequency and providing you with the tools to maintain your sense of well-being at a high level. A variety of different methods are introduced each class, with the idea that you may try them on and find just what practices in what combinations work best for you! Using interactive video, you can see and hear the other participants who serve as a mastermind group to cheer you on, help you process, and keep your commitment to raising your vibration!

The benefits to developing a daily sounding practice are enormous. With just a few minutes of practice a day you can:

  • stimulate and charge your brain
  • have more vibrant energy
  • feel empowered to share your unique voice
  • discover how to make sounds you didn’t know you could make
  • clear holding patterns in your physical body and assist energy flow to improve your overall health and well-being
  • accelerate your manifestation powers to create the life you desire

…and much more!

WebExEach class includes slides with photos and explanations, which you will be able to watch simultaneously with the live video feed from the instructor and everyone in the group. Joule will lead you through several live sound meditations each class and each person will have their own time to share their experiences as well as receive personalized coaching. You will receive practice recordings and worksheets to keep you on track between meetings, as well as the opportunity to meet one-on-one with other members of your group. Topics covered in the Raise Your Vibration Online course are:

Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing

Learn vocal “toning” – the origins of the breathworkpractice created by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes and the toning method of Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Understand the power of sounding when combined with intentionality and the importance of working with boundaries, perimeters and function. Learn basic healthy vocal practices, sound production and breath support. Learn how to sound your own “note” and to “be in your hum”.

Vocal Articulation

coloredLearn to create the specific sounds of International Phonetics and understand their uses in a holistic healing context. We will break down and build up sound into phonemes from world languages and discover how these specifically inform indigenous sound practices.


Extended  Vocal Techniques

mandala-powerLearn how to produce sounds outside the bounds of “normal” speaking or singing. These techniques involve learning to use the tongue, lips, teeth, cheeks, throat and glottis in a variety of creative ways to produce some extremely different vocal effects including: overtone singing, voice rattles, whistle tones, creative use of the lips, teeth tongue, glottis and more!

Sounding for Wellness meets bi-weekly for two hours each class over a period of 3 months. Enrollment is extremely limited to a small coaching group of 8 people max – thus maximizing individual attention within a supportive group setting.

Interested in learning more? Apply HERE  for a complimentary one-on-one Sound Breakthrough Session with Joule L’Adara, through which you’ll learn about the Sounding Circles process, hear about the latest pricing, and find out if this course is a good fit for you!

Next Intake Starts: Spring 2018!

Siri“I’ve always had a lot of shame around my voice and singing in particular, but this course got me comfortable exploring a range of sounds.  After 3 months of classes and daily exercises, I could feel more confidence coming into my speaking voice, like I had stepped into my voice and was owning what I was saying in a way that I had never experienced before. Joule is an exceptional teacher, great at breaking things down for beginners like me, but also challenging us with more advanced techniques. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to raise their vibration!”

-Siri Scull, San Francisco, California


Online Certificate

Sounding Circles Online Facilitator Training Program

The Sounding Circles Online Certificate is Joule L’Adara’s completely unique 12-month Facilitator Training Program, offered to those who wish to offer vocal sounding circles professionally.  Offered in four 3-month modules, the program is a comprehensive training to expertly guide groups to utilize their voices for healing and transformation.


Module 1: Sounding for Wellness

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-38-16-pmThe Sounding for Wellness Course is in fact the first module for the online series! (See description above.) All students of both the personal and facilitator tracks are required to take this course with the idea being that you need to work with sound on your own body first and find wellness in yourself before leading others.

After completing Sounding for Wellness, advanced students have the opportunity to continue on to the Sounding Circles Facilitation Training and are then candidates to becoming certified Sounding Circles Facilitators. Modules 2-4 can be taken in any order and are usually only offered once per quarter in a revolving order. You may email Joule to ask where she is in the current teaching cycle. Students must make a full commitment to each 3-month module, but can take as long as they would like between modules to complete the 4-part online certificate program. The following are the descriptions of the current upper-level modules:

Module 2

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-37-49-pmArchetypes are universally recognized symbols. Discover these unique sound characters that give specificity and focus to vocal sounding for wellness. We begin by exploring those found in Ancient Chinese Medicine using 5-Element Theory. We next dive into the unique Sound Archetypes inspired by the specificity of avant-garde sound practices.  A class is devoted to exploring animalistic sounds and connecting with your power animals as is found in shamanic traditions. Finally, we come to work with group sounding forms, taken from nature and architecture. Throughout this course we continue to work with phonetics- in this module specifically with foreign language vowel sounds and how they can shift us to widely different feeling states. You will also learn some powerful practices combining sound with the quantum exercises of Joule’s mentor, Dr. Jean Houston.

Module 3

We will work with the universal qscreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-36-50-pmualities of archetypal rhythmic patterns as well as cultivate an awareness of our own inner rhythms and cycles. You’ll be shown how these concepts can be woven into our private vocal healing and guided group Sounding Circles. We will also examine the sacredness of number and geometry and discover how these correspond to the creation of our own inner music. In this module we will continue to tone with phonetic sounds, this time delving deep into consonant sounds which are energizing and invigorating. Each class will also feature an in-depth exploration with each of the seven main chakras, using vowels, seed syllables and free-form sounding to tune up our own energy system.

Module 4

The relationships between musical screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-39-01-pmnotes create magical archetypical qualities that access different states of being. We will explore these qualities in musical intervals, and then build in complexity as we examine pentatonic chords.  We will then explore our psychological realms and our “stories” through the use of sound as focused on through 12 character archetypes combined with 12 archetypal settings. Through the power of symbols, we will ignite the imagination and play within these universal forms, including the very important concept of “Holy Foolery.” How do we use humor as a tool of the spiritual warrior? We will explore what it means to cultivate a lightness of being through the allowance of profound buffoonery. Finally, we will learn to go inward and receive “downloads” of our own unique mantra and medicine melodies from the natural world!

If you are interested in the Sounding Circles Online Certificate program, apply here for a complimentary one-on-one Sound Breakthrough Session with Joule L’Adara, through which you’ll learn about the Sounding Circles process, hear about the latest pricing, and find out if this course commitment is right for you!