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Hello friends of Sounding Circles!

It’s been a while. I’ve been enjoying an incredibly nourishing and revitalizing summer out west – spending time with friends, family and nature in New Mexico, Colorado, Southern California and upstate New York. I’ve done my best to unplug and feel all the better for it. As we’re now ramping up into Fall and I’m preparing to return to my busy life in New York City, I’m doing some reassessment of many things I’ve been doing in my business. Firstly, I’ve been experience some grand resistance to updating my website, and particularly to sharing on my blog here. I’m a big fan of Stephen Pressfield, who writes in his book The War of Art how we are most resistant to the things that are most important to our soul’s evolution. Thus, anything that will improve us or improve the world around us we naturally resist doing. Yet we can use our inner resistances as a compass to indicate what to us is most important!

I’d been in denial about how long it had been since I’d updated my blog – it’s not like I hadn’t been putting out content as I’d started a YouTube Channel, been posting more regularly on Instagram, and had been sharing events through my newsletters. But the resistance towards regularly updating my website and sharing my thoughts publicly on a blog was the greatest of any of my inner resistances. I knew this was something way deeper than “not having enough time” or even self-sabotage. I knew that the far deeper fear has to do with SHARING MY VOICE.

Now, this is a pretty big confession coming from someone who is a vocal empowerment coach, a sound healing facilitator, an artistic director of an opera company, and a professional singer! I am paid to help people connect to their deepest self-expression, to overcome the shame of making free organic sound, and to “find their inner wildness”! I’m totally able to make all kinds of wacky and weird sounds with my voice, and teach whole online and in-person courses to others on how to unleash all our inner characters through the voice in order to bring about powerful emotional healing. And yet – there has still been an underlying fear about sharing my “voice” through my words and images over the internet!

On a recent flight, the cover of Time Magazine jumped out at me and I immediately bought that edition to read on the plane. Thought my parents have been long time subscribers to the magazine, I don’t normally read it myself. But as we took to the air I read every word of Joel Stein’s Article “Why We’re Losing the Internet to the culture of Hate.” And then I got it. The article made me understand where this fear was coming from. We are in an era where people use the word against others, and because people feel protected by anonymity they are far more nasty than they possibly ever would be in person.

I have long been a fan of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the four rules to live by is: “Be Impeccable with your word.” This means that in order to live a life of the highest possible integrity, one should not use the word against others, nor against ourselves. This rule may be impossible to live by 100% of the time. I do believe it is important to have critical thinking, to question things, and to stand up and speak out against injustice in the world. At the same time, I find that the more I strive to live by this rule, the better I feel about myself and  know that I am serving others by doing so. I am being an example to others by not criticizing and speaking words of negativity out into being.

Reading the Time article on Internet Trolling somehow reenergized me. There is a perception that the “Trolls” are winning- that those who use the web 2.0 to humiliate others are overwhelming other kinds of sharing on the Internet. But then I think of research like that done by the Global Consciousness Project which uses number generators to measure fluctuations in group consciousness. GCP data has revealed that events which involve small groups of people performing activities with a directed consciousness (such as meditation or group sounding!), produce results that are less random and seem to follow orderly patterns. It’s shown that the quality of consciousness involved is a greater factor that the energy and size of a larger event (such large-scale sporting events which produce a lot of energy and noise, but not group cohesiveness.) Activities involving more active intention produce greater coherence in the collective energy field than “entertainment” or spectacle.

I see a connection between loud large-scale sports or political events and the online abuse that is currently dominated by  verbal abuse, and cruelty. There is a lot of noise on the internet. But most of it, while emotional and loud, is not cohesive. I believe those of us who endeavor to put forth conscious content, though it may be lesser in “volume” can nevertheless form a cohesiveness amongst us that is stronger than the collective negative. And if it is true that “thoughts become things”, we can serve humanity and the planet by sharing words that uplift, support, motivate, teach, and inspire compassion 

So today, I’d like to publicly declare my intention to share words, images, and sounds of a high and loving vibration into the world. I will post and share articles, images, and videos on sound, vibration, light, love, and connection. I realize now this commitment has a greater purpose beyond me sharing my insights, or my brand, or even about the power of sound healing. I need to share myself in service of putting out more light into the world.

Do you feel called to share your light too after reading this? Please do! (In any form you think will serve the world with your unique gifts!) Your voice does matter – your physical voice and what you have to say.

Thanks so much for witnessing this and till very soon with more to come!

xoxo Joule L’Adara

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