Sounding Circles Club

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Course Participants

Sounding Circles, as developed by Joule L’adara, are led improvisational vocal sounding events specially crafted to bring about mental and emotional clarity, develop deep listening skills, and promote the idea of community building through group resonance. In this work, group sounding improvisation is presented as a compositional tool, using specifically crafted parameters to sculpt and focus compositional elements.

Self-exploration and delightful play are emphasized during guided sessions, where people are free to express themselves through vocal sound production. Because the individual is experimenting in the safety of a group setting, they can be anonymous and freed from judgements and self-consciousness. The exercises eventually expand to include the interaction of all group members whereupon the focus is changed from self-exploration to group co-creation. Deeper levels of refinement are achieved as listening practice and group awareness increases.

Sounding Circles have many applications. They are a therapeutic method – allowing individuals to express their physical selves vocally and experience emotional release. They are a compositional art tool – that unlocks the power of collaboration and group authorship. They are a community building practice – promoting group understanding. They are a way to access spontaneity and “magic flow” in life, allowing the muses to come through and influence your creative work and creative life. Singers and instrumentalists can incorporate these techniques into their performance practices and sound practitioners can incorporate Sounding Circles into their group sessions.

Sounding Circles in a larger sense, are the interwoven circles of sound. This idea is explored through Sounding Circles Radio– a bi-monthly show featured on the Contact Talk Radio network and hosted by Joule L’adara plus guest hosts and a variety of guests from the Sound Healing and Conscious Music community. Finally, Sounding Circles is a community of people who believe in the trans-formative power of sound and the important human connections that can be made through group sounding practices. Read on to find out more about workshops, intensives and events both online and out in the world!